Provision of services


Camphill has demonstrated its sustainability and resilience over the past forty-six years since it started in 1974 through the continuous development of the community both in student enrolment and diversity of the services we provide. Initially we relied largely on our own production of crafts, furniture and horticulture to cover recurrent costs. Donors provided most of the funding for buildings, water supply and other infrastructure.

The Government of Botswana contributes to the recurrent costs of providing services in education and training. We are very grateful for this support which has enabled us to focus more attention on developing the scale and quality of education and training we provide.

The balance of the recurrent costs must be covered from our Social Enterprises including the Legodimo Conference & Catering, the Tea Garden restaurant, the Garden Centre, as well as an active fundraising programme.

We are actively developing the quality and diversity of services we provide and work to support the development of special education for people with disabilities in the wider community of Botswana.

This is only possible with generous assistance from the private sector and donor organisations to help with the cost of renovating buildings and infrastructure, vehicles, equipment and other costs including training and human resource capacity development.