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we support each other


for each person’s dignity and individual perspective.


each of us is different.


Rankoromane School

Residential care and schooling for children with special needs

There are currently 60 children enrolled of whom 18 are autistic. The curriculum focuses on the individual child and how to help each one to develop to their full potential. The national primary school curriculum has been adapted to suit the special needs of children with learning difficulties.



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Legodimo Youth Training

Pre-vocational training and support for people with special needs

Legodimo Youth Training offers pre-vocational training and support to people leaving the school and other young people with special needs. The training includes vocational skills such as horticulture, catering and crafts, functional skills such as literacy, numeracy and IT as well as personal / social skills. Enrolment is currently 30 students every two years.It has a two year programme that prepares learners for further training at Motse wa Badiri Training.



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Motse Wa Badiri Training

Foundation training in vocational, functional and personal / social skills

Motse Wa Badiri Training offers further Foundation training in the same three areas of vocational, functional and personal / social skills in a two year program including preparation and support for the transition back into the community and employment or other sustainable life choices.



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Tea Garden

Enjoy an afternoon in our Tee Garden

The Orchard Tea Garden located between the scenic highlands of Otse, South East District. Our Tea Garden offers visitors a tranquil environment to enjoy our freshly made light snack menu consisting of delicious treats.



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Market Garden

Fruits and Plants in our Garden

Our nursery offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers that are suitable for our Botswana weather.



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Camphill Workshops

Support us, visit our shop

Please visit Pottery, Candle & Jersey Workshops.



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Camphill Events


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